Beginner, intermediate, or advanced courses

 Small groups, efficient learning methods 

One course is designed for 6 weeks, 12 sessions of 1,5 hours, twice per week.

Another course is more intense over 5 weeks, 15 sessions of 1,5 hours, 3 times per week.

 We use the books RIVSTART,  (beginner, intermediate or advanced) textbook and exercise book.

 Other materials are also provided along the course to make it fun, interesting and enjoyable!       


Individual needs

If you have special needs, if you need individual lessons or together with one more person, please contact me so I can offer you a relevant service according to your situation and time availability  


It does not matter where you are located as all my teaching is online. You only need to purchase course books, have access to a laptop, and preferably use a headset for the best result   



Things good to know

As soon as we can find a schedule that works for both /all of us

The courses are normally in the morning or late afternoon / evening. Sometimes we need to use Saturday morning 

I do not issue any formal certificates. A piece of paper does not really tell a lot about your total knowledge of Swedish. We aim for results and to get you exactly to where you want to be with your Swedish. I can however help you to specify your level according to the ECEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)

There is a 24 hrs cancellation policy. If you need to change a date or time beforehand, we find a solution. You will not miss the session.