How much for a course?

Individual, Custom-Made & Small Groups Swedish Courses

6 weeks, 12 sessions of 1.5 hours  

14 900 SEK incl. VAT for individual sessions 

If you want more intense learning, 3 times / week 

you get 15 sessions for the same price  

If you can find 3 other students for the same group

 the price is 4 900 SEK / person

(The price does not include ”RIVSTART”)


What do students say?

Jane is an energetic and creative person. She has the ability to simplify subjects, communicate effectively and adapt well to the situation at hand. Jane is a sociable and assertive person who is passionate about the things she does. It has been a privilege to be her student.

Aishwarya Gundaiah

Jane has a lot of extra materials that she uses such as storybooks and articles from daily newspapers that are easy to read and are really helpful in making the learning process interesting, up-to-date and connected to the everyday happenings in society.

Farshad Naghibi

Jane has lived in many places which have given her a broad perspective that is reflected in her teaching style. My conversation skills improved dramatically thanks to her way to find find interesting and relevant topics to discuss. Her ability to connect with students, keeping them focused during the sessions is impeccable.

Sara Abouzari

Having been learning and using basic Swedish for years, I noticed it was difficult for the native speakers to explain the “strange” expressions, words and sentences that I encountered during the work. Jane was patient using a logic and linguistic way to answer my collected questions every week.

Patrik Ye

Jane engages and inspires students during the study process which helped me to adopt to new environment faster and perform better. My course was intensive and never was boring. 

Evgeny Senatov

Jane has an infectious enthusiasm and a genuine interest in each participant. Jane’s positive attitude made it easy to be in a good mood, and the lessons were a great start to the day. As a result of the course, I got more confident in talking in Swedish and improved my grammar and vocabulary a lot. While it was intense, I used to look forward to every lesson. I really enjoyed Jane as my Swedish teacher.

Silvia Huttner