Why Us

I offer online intensive courses in the Swedish language.

The keyword is “INTENSIVE”, as that is what best describes my Swedish online course.

Jane Raidma” is certainly not a Swedish name, but I am indeed a native Swede!

With a passion for helping students who come to me, I get very engaged in progress.

When preparing my lessons, I usually forget time and space, ending up with “Oh! It is already time to start”! I refer to that as being in the “flow”, and it is truly a pleasure for me to meet my students.

I teach all levels, from very beginners, to intermediate, and advanced learners.

Everyone is welcome of course, but due to the fee involved, I mostly get professionals who are private students or companies that sponsor their employees.

All my courses are tailored, custom made, and adapted entirely to each student’s personal and professional needs.

I also get many students who have already studied in various places, but end up with not so good results.

They tend to be frustrated and want to learn Swedish fast.

In those cases, I quickly identify the problems and focus on addressing them in the first place.

The main goal is the same for everyone:


I always dedicate part of the session for conversation at all levels.

For beginners and intermediate learners, it is important to integrate Swedish grammar and structure.

For more advanced students, I focus more on speaking skills at a higher level.

Before starting, I recommend an informal meeting, which gives me the chance to understand the exact needs and reasons for learning Swedish. The more I know, the better I can be of help!

You are welcome to contact me for more information and please see my blog on tips for learning Swedish!