Welcome to my blog – 22/3, 2021

Välkommen! / Welcome!

I hope you take your time to look at my homepage swedishintensive.com

My long teaching experience include 5 years in the corporate world teaching Swedish for https://www.scania.com/ in Södertälje.

Most of my students come from the academic world such as:

Computer engineers, technical engineers, researchers, medical doctors, veterinarians, financial experts, project managers, journalists, translators, teachers etc.

It happens that this category of busy individuals have various difficulties to get enough time for focusing on Swedish

This is where my unique methods come into place, as an efficient tool, accelerating the learning curve and most of my students reach great levels faster than they had imagined when starting the course with me.

I constantly take it as my personal challenge to succeed with everyone overcoming each type of difficulty as fast as possible.

My secret for success is deep engagement and extensive preparation work which is different for each group depending on the level, capacity, and background for everyone.

I am an intuitive teacher and I tailor-make each lesson, each course to obtain best, possible result, progressing in the shortest possible amount of time.

Contact me at swedishintensive.com if you wish to know more!