Tips on learning Swedish/ svenska (part 1)

The best way to learn a new language is to practice a little every day.

With the intention to do a little each day, you will definitely make progress.

This is much better than sitting for a long time one day, only to do the homework.

More frequency will also make it more fun; You will struggle less to remember things and the result will ultimately be better.

The time you sit down is not the most important factor. Just keep the rule “something every day” and you will find the time to do it. It could be the same time every day or as soon as you get a chance to focus on studying. 

Focus is the most important factor. When you do this, you need to be a hundred percent focused or the time is wasted. Just like anything else, focusing entirely on the task you are up to right now, will ensure that the work gets done properly and efficiently. This is the secret and makes the difference between those who progress quickly, slowly, or not at all. Your focus. 

Also, if you think about something else while trying to do the task, it gets boring.

Remain fully focused, and you can start to enjoy what you are doing. 😊